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The Changing Face of Data Security in the Cloud Era

Date: January 17, 2023
Time: 10:30 AM PT | 1:30 PM ET

Today’s security leaders are tasked with enabling the business to remain agile. Their remit is increasingly to empower teams to use and share data to drive business growth, while maintaining data security. Cloud adoption has led to an explosion of the volume and types of data a business manages. This is forcing CISOs to rapidly address outdated policies and frameworks, and obsolete tooling that focuses on finding attackers versus recognizing and protecting data.

In this webinar Cyera VP of Marketing Ari Weil and guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Heidi Shey will discuss emerging approaches that security teams are leveraging to standardize controls across silos, enhance governance and security posture, and accommodate the business need to share data securely.

Their discussion will cover:
  • The changing face of business-critical data
  • How siloed data security and privacy solutions create feature overlap while leaving gaps in data protection
  • Why automated, intelligent data discovery and classification are foundational for an effective data security strategy
  • The importance of multidimensional data risk management to account for external and insider risk management
  • Emerging data security technologies that are addressing the speed, ease, and scale required to manage data security in the cloud era

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