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Protect your privacy when using ChatGPT

SafeType anonymizes sensitive data typed into ChatGPT to avoid misuse and accidental disclosures

SafeType™ works with Chrome and Edge browsers

Why Use Cyera SafeType

The problem

ChatGPT is an exciting generative AI product that is making headlines and capturing imaginations. It also collects a lot of information that creates serious privacy risks. This includes any personal information you enter into the chatbot.

You don’t need to give up using ChatGPT, but you must take steps to protect yourself. Most importantly, you need to remove any private information from your prompts before you hit submit.

The Solution

The SafeType™ Chrome browser extension can help! SafeType™, powered by Cyera Labs,  identifies when confidential data is being entered into ChatGPT, and provides insight into why providing that data to ChatGPT creates a privacy risk.

For example, if emails, IP addresses, or security keys are typed into a ChatGPT prompt, SafeType highlights the sensitive data so you can anonymize or remove it before submitting your query.

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How SafeType Works

Whenever you use ChatGPT, SafeType™ will highlight data that could constitute a privacy risk or accidental disclosure. A pop-up explains why the text was highlighted and helps you avoid oversharing.

SafeType even identifies when you share restricted or confidential data in code! This includes things like secret keys, IP addresses, or connection information for assets in your environment.

Classifiers define the text that will be highlighted during your ChatGPT session. SafeType bundles static classifiers for a number of commonly used data classes. Settings easily let you tailor your experience.

Once you have anonymized and otherwise removed risky data from your session, SafeType will confirm that the text is free from privacy violations based on the classifiers you have enabled

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