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Make data security a part of your cloud strategy

Support your cloud investments by discovering what data you have, what’s at risk, and how it’s secured.

Optimize productivity of your data in the cloud

Greater use of cloud services can help companies democratize data and unlock new business opportunities from data insights. However, without data visibility, organization’s can quickly become overwhelmed with data sprawl and the complexities of trying to contain and minimize it. Cyera helps organizations see, understand, and secure their data in the cloud so that they can scale as fast as the cloud.


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Of all data migration projects fail2


Of large organizations store data across multiple clouds3

Accelerate cloud migration

By moving data to the cloud, organizations improve information sharing and reduce costs of maintaining on-prem infrastructure. With Cyera, you can add enhanced security to your list of cloud computing benefits.

  • Gain visibility of your cloud data and its risks across IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS
  • Assess existing security controls, configurations, and permissions to cloud data, enabling you to enforce the principle of least privilege
  • Find and remove unmanaged duplicate data that increase cloud storage costs

Reign in data sprawl

Prolific data growth increases cost and complexity for governing data. Cyera tells you what data you have, where it’s located, and how much of it is at risk.

  • Continuously discover your new and changing data as the volume and variety of data grows across the ecosystem
  • Identify unmanaged shadow datastores that contain misconfigurations, permissive access, and missing encryption
  • Enforce retention policies by inventorying and depreciating stale data and data owned by former employees

Enable data security policies

Data in the cloud makes collaboration and file sharing easier than ever. Cyera provides you with a view of sensitive data and the controls that secure it, empowering you to compliantly democratize data.

  • Ensure accurate data labeling by data class, sensitivity, and Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)
  • Audit encryption controls to sensitive data by revealing whether data is encrypted, tokenized, hashed, or in plaintext
  • Understand the users, role, permissions, and usage purpose to confidently grant access to data
Customer story

How Cyera helped a mortgage lender secure and manage sensitive data

This leading financial services firm in the United States dedicates itself to helping Americans achieve their aspirations of owning their own home. They are committed to creating long-term relationships with their borrowers, partners, and other stakeholders. Cyera enabled the mortgage provider and servicer to increase visibility into their cloud data stores, identify excessive permissions to sensitive customer data, and meet the compliance requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).

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