The data security solution you’ve been waiting for

Automatically discover and classify your data, protect it from exposure, and maintain a resilient posture.

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Holistic data security in a single cloud-native platform

Data is every business’s most crucial asset, requiring that it be the foundation of any security program. Cyera is a holistic data security platform that empowers security teams to manage and protect all of their company’s sensitive data by providing:

The most sophisticated Data Security Posture Management solution

Cyera discovers, classifies, and protects data across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS environments. Whether your sensitive data is in buckets, folders, or files, or managed in a self-managed database, managed database, or DBaaS environment, our solution has you covered.

How we create value for customers

“Cyera provides full visibility into our cloud data. Now we know where sensitive data is, how it’s used, when it’s exposed, and which configuration to adjust to secure it.

Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis

Cyera’s making possible what I didn’t expect for years — revealing my data landscape and threat profile, simply and clearly.”

Erik Bataller, VP Security at ACV Auctions

Cyera provides us complete, context-rich insight into the data we manage across Azure and Microsoft 365, and allows us to quickly adapt our security operations as our business strategy evolves.”

Mike Melo, CISO of LifeLabs

"We were amazed by Cyera’s ability to automatically identify and learn our data across AWS, Snowflake and Microsoft 365. Cyera provides us with the visibility, context and control we need."

Umesh Yerram, CISO