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Cyera is building the next generation of data security

Cyera is the next generation data security platform that empowers security teams to manage and protect all of their company’s sensitive data.

About Us

Cyera enables businesses to unlock the value of their data, securely. We help security teams continually discover, classify, protect, and monitor their sensitive data. With Cyera, security professionals can find and identify all of their cloud data, secure sensitive information, ensure alignment to compliance and regulatory schemes, maintain user privacy, improve ransomware resilience, and achieve least privileged access to sensitive data, all without slowing the business down.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a more connected world through data. We envision a world where companies of all sizes can collect and monetize meaningful data knowing they have the means to keep it secure.

Doing this requires us to empower security teams, enable business departments, and thwart threat actors. Success is defined by helping every business realize the speed and scale that the cloud promises, allowing them to innovate and build value without security acting as a barrier - rather an enabler.

Our Mission

To give security teams context and control over their cloud data so they can enable innovation, securely.

In a cloud-first world where speed and scale are paramount, data is not just another piece of infrastructure, component, or microservice. Data is unique. Data represents a businesses most valuable asset, it constitutes its biggest risk, it enables every department, every employee, and every customer to be more effective, informed, and successful. Businesses are built on the insights derived from data, just as their value is defined by the data they manage.


Yotam Segev, CEO
Yotam Segev
Co-founder, CEO
Tamar Bar-ilan, CTO
Tamar Bar-Ilan
Co-founder, CTO
Steve Rog
Steve Rog
VP of Sales
Sharon Shaked, VP of Business development and people
Sharon Shaked
VP of Partnerships & People
Guy Gertner
VP of Product
Yonatan Itai, VP R&D
Yonatan Itai
VP of R&D
Shiran Bareli, Head of Research
Shiran Bareli
Head of Research
Ari Weil, VP Marketing
Ari Weil
VP of Marketing
Yael Gertel, Head of operations
Yael Gertel
Head of Operations
Adi Atal Azarzar, Head of HR
Adi Atal Azarzar
Head of HR

Board of Directors

Doug Leone
Doug Leone
Global Managing Partner at Sequoia Capital
Phillippe Botteri
Philippe Botteri
Partner at Accel
Lior Shimon
Lior Simon
General Partner at Cyberstarts
Rene Bonvanie
René Bonvanie
CMO Emeritus of Palo Alto Networks

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The Cyera Team

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Cyera’s reshaping the reality of cloud data security. Come build it with us, and innovate alongside some of the brightest minds in the business.

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