Bringing security back to reality.

Everywhere we looked, we’ve seen people running to the cloud. But in this excitement over the possibilities of cloud, we’ve lost sight of the data we have.

Where it is. Where it’s going. Whether it’s secure. Forget security or even visibility. We’ve lost our grip on data reality.

That’s why we built Cyera. To create a strong foundation for cloud growth and adoption. So we can realize all the possibilities of the cloud.

Because we believe cloud security starts with Data Reality.


Yotam Segev
Co-founder, CEO
James McCarthy
VP Sales
Adi Atal Azarzar
Head of HR
Shiran Bareli
Head of Research
Tamar Bar-Ilan
Co-founder, CTO
Sharon Shaked
Head of Business Development
Yonatan Itai
Yael Gertel
Head of Operations

Backed by the best.

Doug Leone
Global Managing Partner at Sequoia Capital
Philippe Botteri
Partner at Accel
Lior Simon
General Partner at Cyberstarts
René Bonvanie
CMO Emeritus of Palo Alto Networks

Join us.

Cyera’s reshaping the reality of cloud data security. Come build it with us, and innovate alongside some of the brightest minds in the business.

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