CYERA FOR Cyber-Resilience

Harden your data security posture

Minimize your data attack surface by proactively identifying and closing vulnerabilities that could lead to a breach.

Understand your sensitive data and its risks to prevent and minimize data breaches

For large organizations with valuable data, the question becomes not IF your data will be breached, but WHEN. To minimize the blast radius of a data breach and the subsequent regulatory fines and revenue impact, you must know your data and its associated risks. Cyera helps you understand your sensitive data and data risk exposures so that you can get ahead of potential issues by applying the appropriate security controls. 


Average total cost of a data breach1


Average days to identify and contain a breach2


Average savings of containing a data breach in 200 days or less3

Tag data accurately

Maintain an accurate understanding of your sensitive data. Cyera automatically applies classification and audits the accuracy of existing sensitivity labels including Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) tags.

  • Accelerate and improve accuracy of classification with unsupervised machine learning for both structured and unstructured data
  • Detect changes to data and its environment, ensuring that access controls and protections remain relevant
  • Know what your data represents with context about the data subject role, geography, identifiability, and security of data

Contextualize data vulnerabilities

As data grows, so does your attack surface. Cyera helps you assess your security posture and identify data exposures, misconfiguration, and overly permissive access that could result in a data leak.

  • Alert your team to sensitive data exposures with details about the data at risk and potential blast radius
  • Reveal context about your data including when combinations of data increases identifiability and risks
  • Identify security vulnerabilities including stale accounts, weak passwords, and publicly accessible data

Accelerate incident response

Targeted and timely response to security incidents is crucial to minimizing the damage attackers can inflict. Cyera provides you with prioritized alerts and an integrated workflow to quickly address threats that matter.

  • Detect and respond to incidents as they occur, reducing the blast radius of a data breach
  • Remediate data exposures with detailed information about the impacted datastore, users, and data classes
  • Streamline incident workflows by leveraging remediation guidance and integrating with popular IT workflow and SIEM tools
Customer story

How Cyera helped a mortgage lender secure and manage sensitive data

This leading financial services firm in the United States dedicates itself to helping Americans achieve their aspirations of owning their own home. They are committed to creating long-term relationships with their borrowers, partners, and other stakeholders. Cyera enabled the mortgage provider and servicer to increase visibility into their cloud data stores, identify excessive permissions to sensitive customer data, and meet the compliance requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).

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