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The Next Generation Data   Security Platform is Here

Cyera is building a data security platform that delivers the ease, agility, and robust protections security teams demand

Agentless Scanning

Security teams connect Cyera to a cloud organization or account using a single IAM role. There are no agents, network footprint, or hardware required.

Our cloud-first approach allows us to leverage native APIs to discover all of your data stores while remaining completely out-of-band. This means no performance overhead, no impact to data processing, and no ongoing maintenance. 


Automatic Data Store Discovery

Cyera’s deployment model allows us to discover all of your data stores automatically and continuously. We will find the data stores you know about, the ones you don’t, and any that are created in the future.

That means that without any custom-built connectors or connection strings, Cyera will maintain an inventory of IaaS and PaaS storage buckets, native databases, and any databases running in compute, virtual machine, or container environments, as well as the folders and files in SaaS applications, all from a single platform.


Sensitive Data Inventory and Classification

Cyera automatically identifies and classifies sensitive data, and continuously scans your environments to detect new or changed data classes that might contain PII, PHI, PCI, IP data, or other secrets.

Sensitive data like credit card numbers or account numbers is easy to detect and classify. However sensitive customer, employee, or corporate data isn't always obvious to machines. Cyera’s advanced classification engine gives data an identity. Our Data Analysis Service includes definitions of hundreds of data classes.  When Cyera scans a customer environment our machine learning algorithms uses semantic classification to learn the characteristics of your unique data classes, and refine existing classifiers to improve their accuracy based on the dynamics of your data landscape.


Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Cyera’s data security posture management platform combines visibility into where sensitive data is, who has access to that data, how it has been used, and the security posture of the data itself.

The platform then takes that information and maintains a contextualized data risk assessment for each environment based on the specifics of the data, identities, and access within. Prioritized rules provide guided threat surface minimization steps, and automated remediation workflows based on established security risk, regulatory, and compliance frameworks.


Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Cyera provides security teams with visibility into data being moved, used or located where it shouldn’t be so they can enforce the appropriate security controls.

Out-of-the-box policies, and a custom policy builder empower you to enforce security controls based on the sensitivity of your data, the context in which it is being accessed, and where the data resides. With specific treatment for security, compliance, and regulatory frameworks, Cyera enables you to mitigate the risk of inadvertent or accidental data loss, and the exposure of your sensitive data.


Data Access Governance

Cyera enables security teams to enforce data access policies to achieve least privileged access, maintain a strong security posture, and remain resilient to cyber-threats. This means ensuring tight controls over which identities have access to specific data.

Cyera highlights overly permissive or risky access to structured and unstructured data, and contextualizes the risk that access represents based on the sensitivity of the data, and the frameworks that govern its use. Security teams gain valuable insight into local and programmatic data store users, the sensitive data they can access, and the activities they perform that increase the risk of sensitive data exposure, data loss, or an increased risk of compromise to ransomware.


Deep Toolchain Integrations

Cyera maintains integrations with a variety of tools and platforms, ensuring that our alerts and remediation guidance integrate into your existing environment and workflows

  • Automation
  • CSPM and CWPP
  • Data catalogs
  • Identity management
  • SIEM
  • Vulnerability
  • Workflow tools

Ready to get started?

Cyera makes it easy for security teams to procure and connect our solution to their cloud solution provider platform. Marketplace integrations make it easy to get started.