Complimentary Data Risk Assessment

Instantly gain full visibility of your data, determine whether any of it is exposed, and quickly solve material security issues.

In the free assessment, you will discover opportunities to:

  • Secure sensitive data — PII, PHI, PCI, HIPAA — from exposure and vulnerabilities
  • Achieve least privilege by pinpointing overly permissive access
  • Minimize sensitive cloud data by highlighting stale and ghost data
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Give us 5 minutes of your time and we’ll do the rest

Our free assessment is easy to implement, so time to value is fast. Cyera learns from your environment to create a context-aware risk assessment of your unique data and environment.

Answer three fundamental questions:


Where is your
sensitive data?


Do you know if that
data is at risk?


How can you take action
to remediate the risk?

Scott Morris,

Former CISO at Zipari

“Cyera was able to quickly identify and discover where our data lived in our cloud environments, allowing our teams to take action, identify ownership, and provide better information to enhance our data governance program.”


More Accurate than the Competition in Head-to-Head Evaluations

24 hrs

Or Less to Identify and Classify Data Without User Intervention

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Easy to deploy

Cyera gets you connected within minutes, and dynamically discovers every data store without custom connectors

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Fast time to value

Cyera automatically classifies data in < 24 hours, and completes the average PoV in under one week

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Highly accurate

Satisfied customers attest that Cyera’s data classification is “best in class” when compared to other vendors, without manual tuning

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Deep data context

Identifies and contextualizes Customer, Employee, and IP data out-of-the-box

Cyera discovers all of your datastores automatically and continuously

Security teams connect Cyera to a cloud organization or account using a single IAM role. There are no agents, network footprint, or hardware required. Just connect Cyera to a cloud account and we will find the data you know about and the shadow, stale, or ghost data that is hiding in plain sight.

This means that without any custom-built connectors or connection strings, Cyera will maintain an inventory of IaaS and PaaS storage buckets, native databases, and any databases running in compute, virtual machine, or container environments, as well as the folders and files in SaaS applications. All from a single platform.

Migrating to the cloud offers great flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. But cloud security is managed very differently than on-premises storage as the attack surface changes dramatically and remains dynamic. Cyera’s Data Risk Assessment uncovers the unknowns that represent the greatest risk to your cloud data.

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Umesh Yerram,

CISO at Cboe

We were amazed by Cyera’s ability to automatically identify and learn our data across AWS, Snowflake and Microsoft 365. Cyera provides us with the visibility, context and control we need.”

How it works

Cyera automatically identifies and classifies sensitive data — PII, PHI, PCI, IP data, or other secrets. Sensitive data like credit card numbers or account numbers is easy to detect and classify. However, sensitive customer, employee, or corporate data isn't always obvious to machines.

Cyera’s advanced classification engine gives data an identity. When Cyera scans a customer environment, our machine learning algorithms use semantic classification to learn the characteristics of your unique data classes, and refine existing classifiers to improve their accuracy based on the dynamics of your data landscape.

What you get


Cyera’s data security posture management platform combines visibility into where sensitive data is, who has access to that data, how it has been used, and the security posture of the data itself.


The platform then takes that information and creates a contextualized data risk assessment for each environment based on the specifics of the data, identities, and access within.


Prioritized rules provide guided threat surface minimization steps and automated remediation workflows based on established security risk, regulatory, and compliance frameworks.

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About Cyera

Cyera is the data security company that gives businesses deep context on their data, applying proper, continuous controls to assure cyber-resilience and compliance. Cyera takes a data-centric approach to security across your data landscape, empowering security teams to know where their data is, what exposes it to risk, and take immediate action to remediate exposures. Backed by leading investors, including Sequoia, Accel, Cyberstarts and Redpoint Ventures, Cyera is redefining how companies secure data in the cloud.