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Embrace smart manufacturing and smart security

Cyera provides continuous data security for smart factories and innovative manufacturers.

You’ve automated the assembly line. It’s time to automate data security.

Data use is transforming your factory floor. But disparate systems connected to multi-cloud environments can expose valuable IP to external and insider threats. Cyera's solution shows manufacturers what intellectual property, personal information, and other sensitive data lives in their environments, where it is, and how to protect it.

1 in 5

Cyber attacks target manufacturing firms1


Average cost of data breach in the industrial and manufacturing sectors2


Of attacks on manufacturing facilities lead to data theft3

Take stock of your sensitive data inventory

Connect data and risk without getting in the way of operations. Cyera’s agentless solution automatically discovers, classifies, and establishes rich context on sensitive data across your environments without any performance penalty.

  • Discover IP data, personal information, and other data across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS environments without the need for agents or connectors
  • Identify and classify data across your environment to find exposed trade secrets
  • Understand the data subject role of your data and whether the data is about a customer, supplier, or another entity along the supply chain

Mass produce data security

Manufacturing is one of the most targeted sectors for cybercriminals. Cyera shows you the misconfigurations and sensitive data risks criminals look for.

  • Identify sensitive data, including trade secrets, productivity metrics, and other intellectual property that have not been encrypted, tokenized, or hashed
  • Spot when sensitive data, as well as financial and personal data and credentials, is improperly stored or stored outside of approved environments
  • Build ransomware resilience by identifying stale, copy, or ghost data, including confidential knowledge information that needs to be removed

Control access along the data supply chain

In a hybrid environment, access controls are the new security perimeter. Curtail overly permissive access and enforce access controls at scale with Cyera.

  • Mitigate insider threats and data misuse by identifying who has access to what data and implementing limitations
  • Highlight overly permissive access, including global sharing permissions governing your trade secrets and IP data
  • Improve efficacy of encryption policies by identifying sensitive data that is exposed in plain text

Simplify the audit assembly process

Break down reporting silos. Cyera provides a single source of truth for sensitive data across the enterprise and dramatically cuts the time to identify data and associated risks.

  • Accelerate responses to compliance and privacy audits with a centralized sensitive data inventory across the data landscape
  • Streamline reporting by uncovering what regulated data you have, where’s it located, and who has access to it
  • Ensure compliance with policies that highlight compliance exposures for ISO 27001, NIST, and ITAR
Customer story

How ACV uses Cyera to control sensitive cloud data exposure

ACV Auctions provides a leading digital marketplace for wholesale vehicle transactions and data services. The company enables dealers and commercial partners to buy, sell, and value vehicles confidently and efficiently. Cyera enabled ACV Auctions to quickly gain a full picture of their cloud data landscape, improve their security posture, and optimize their cloud costs.

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