Improve your Azure Data Security Posture with Cyera

Intelligent discovery and classification, contextual risk assessment, and automated remediation workflows

Get context on all of your sensitive data and optimize cloud costs

Cyera empowers you to protect the data you need, minimize the data you don’t, and drastically reduce your cloud spend in the process.

With Cyera, you can understand the risks and benefits each piece of data represents, freeing you to innovate in the Azure cloud.

Cyera continuously discovers and automatically classifies all of your data in Azure and Office365 – including finding data you didn't know existed.

The platform identifies sensitive data at risk and prioritizes security, privacy, and compliance issues, with actionable remediation guidance.

Cyera provides detailed context on your data, identities, and access across structured and unstructured data stores, including databases and file servers deployed on virtual machines or in containers.

Get it now on the Azure Marketplace

Cyera can be purchased through the Azure Marketplace with public and private offers