Incident Response

Be ready for the unexpected

Leverage and retain a team of elite cybersecurity practitioners from Cyera to evaluate and respond to data security incidents post breach, helping you identify data security risks, remove ambiguity related to materiality, and determine the fastest path to recovery.

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Determine the Blast Radius

When incidents arise, security leaders are on the clock to determine the level of risk the organization is exposed to. But risk impact depends heavily on the level of importance of the data. It’s all too easy to waste time chasing incidents without understanding the data that impacted and the overall materiality of a breach.

Cyera’s new service changes that.

When a data security breach occurs, you need an incident response team that can 
help you determine exactly what data was impacted, with absolute certainty. 

With Cyera, now you can. 


of Security Leaders Struggle to Identify Security Exposures


Incidents of data compromise rose 78% last year

69 Days

It takes an average of 69 days to contain a breach

Respond to incidents faster and more precisely.

While most incident response services are centered around who the bad actor was, determining if the threat still persists, and ensuring the threat is eradicated - Cyera approaches the problem in a unique way.

Cyera’s Incident Response Service discovers:

What data was impacted by the breach

Where the data was stored 

What the data entails

Who had access to it (human and non-human entities)

What the data was used for

The materiality of the incident

Cyera Incident Response Service: Our Approach


Incident Analysis

The Cyera Incident Response Service team identifies immediate areas of focus through an initial impact analysis


Sensitive Data Discovery

Leveraging the Cyera platform, we perform prioritized data store scans to classify data and isolate the sensitive data involved in the incident


Prioritized Mitigation

With visibility into the data incident, our team of experts works with your team to develop a prioritized mitigation plan to rapidly recover from the incident


Materiality Determination Support

Based on our findings, we provide support to the business to reduce the mean time to determine the materiality of an incident

Be ready for the next data incident.

We’re here for you. We’ll help you find out what data was impacted, its criticality, and any misuse or privacy violation that came of it…with speed and precision. Get started in minutes.

Dashboard image showing casing sensitive data and classification of open issues.