Cyera for Retail

Grow your brand and your cyber resiliency

Cyera’s automated security solution helps retailers safeguard the data they rely on to understand their customers.

Secure your customer data to build trust and loyalty

You need to know your customers. Your customers want to know their data is secure. Cyera helps retailers safeguard their brand by providing insights into what’s at risk and who’s accessing the data.


Average cost of a data breach in the retail industry1


Of stolen data types in retail are payment details2


Of all retail cyber incidents involve data extortion3

Take stock of your sensitive data inventory

New channels and social interactions bring more data into your environment. The critically important task of securing it depends on visibility. Cyera continuously discovers and inventories your sensitive data, giving you broad visibility of data across the enterprise.

  • Discover customer, payment, and other transactional data across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS environments automatically, without agents or connectors
  • Identify and classify sensitive data across business silos and IT environments
  • Detect new or changed data continuously, ensuring that you stay on top of your evolving data landscape

Stop cybercriminals from shoplifting your data

Cybercriminals look at more than your storefront. From shopper preferences to payment card information, the sensitive data you collect is at risk of exposure through misconfigurations and overly permissive access. Mount a targeted risk mitigation response with Cyera.

  • Identify sensitive data, including customer payment card information and credentials, that has not been encrypted, tokenized, or hashed
  • Highlight PCI data that is improperly stored or stored outside of approved environments
  • Improve ransomware resilience by identifying stale, copy, or ghost data, including former customer data or expired credit card information that needs to be removed

Implement security controls at your data stores and outlets

Consistent security controls prevent most data breaches. Reduce human error and shut off overly permissive access routes to your credentials, PII, and payment card data with Cyera’s automated risk remediation workflows.

  • Identify who has access to what data and limit access privileges that insider threats use
  • Reduce permissive access to sensitive data, including global sharing permissions for unstructured data in SaaS environments
  • Automate remediations workflows with toolchain integrations

Get ahead of compliance and consumer trends

Retailers are increasingly subject to well-publicized penalties and fines tied to regulations like the GDPR and CCPA. Get insights into compliance risks with Cyera and give regulators transparency about the data you collect, store, and process.

  • Detect compliance exposures for GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, and more
  • Accelerate responses to compliance and privacy audits with a centralized sensitive data inventory across your enterprise ecosystem
  • Streamline remediation efforts with actionable guidance and workflow automation to resolve policy violations
Customer story

How ACV uses Cyera to control sensitive cloud data exposure

ACV Auctions provides a leading digital marketplace for wholesale vehicle transactions and data services. The company enables dealers and commercial partners to buy, sell, and value vehicles confidently and efficiently. Cyera enabled ACV Auctions to quickly gain a full picture of their cloud data landscape, improve their security posture, and optimize their cloud costs.

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