Cloud Security Starts with Data Reality

Cyera instantly and automatically provides Data Reality: complete, current, and correct visibility into all your cloud data and its associated risks. So you can remediate issues fast and keep your cloud data secure.
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Leading organizations trust Cyera to secure their cloud data

From Cloud Chaos to Data Reality

Cloud data security is too important to leave up to manual, incomplete, point-in-time scans and reviews. Cyera finally gives you a clear, constant picture of your Data Reality: transforming the way you secure data in the cloud.

Reveal all cloud data, right away.

Discover exactly what data you have across datastores and clouds. And identify data of any type – even those specific to your organization. No agents or upfront setup needed.

Just a complete, current, and correct view of Data Reality that bolsters security without getting in the way of your business.

Catch data risks
that others miss.

Understand where data changes the risk equation. Instead of evaluating configurations and infrastructure in a vacuum, Cyera fully takes their data sensitivity, amount, and exposure into account.

Pinpointing the highest impact risks and uncovering ones that other approaches have missed.

Prevent breaches,
stay compliant.

Stay out of the papers and within regulations. Cyera drives rapid remediation by providing full context: who accessed the data, and how to remediate it.

With built-in policies for all major regulations, you easily establish and enforce cloud-data guardrails across your organization.

Why Cyera

Doesn’t get in the way

Agentless, out-of-band design means Cyera secures your data in the cloud without weighing you down.

Delivers value fast

Cyera connects instantly so you start transforming your security with Data Reality within minutes.

Gives teams context to fix

Cyera doesn’t just prioritize issues; it identifies data access and provides full data context and remediation guidelines.

Backed by the best.

Backed by the best.

Bring reality to your organization.

One shared reality means better decisions, better security, better business.
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