Cyera and Cohesity Join Forces To Help Enterprises Discover and Protect Sensitive Data

May 31, 2024
June 5, 2024
Jonathan Sharabi
Cyera and Cohesity Join Forces To Help Enterprises Discover and Protect Sensitive Data

Cyera is proud to announce our new partnership with Cohesity, a leading data protection and disaster recovery platform. This joint effort will allow customers to better understand, protect, and recover their data.

It’s undeniable that the growing relationship between data security platforms like Cyera and data resiliency platforms like Cohesity is creating a massive opportunity for joint enterprise customers. Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), a key component of the Cyera data security platform, synergizes with data backup and recovery solutions such as Cohesity as it enhances the effectiveness of data protection strategies. For example, Cyera can identify sensitive data that may have been overlooked, such as personal identifiable information (PII) in unsecured locations. This information enables IT administrators to extend Cohesity's backup and recovery controls to these newly identified data stores, which often includes ghost data, ensuring comprehensive protection and facilitating the implementation of robust disaster recovery plans when necessary. Better yet, Cyera will automatically scan the customer’s data environment to provide near real time data attack surface visibility.

“With Cyera’s agentless discovery and AI-powered classification, businesses will gain continuous visibility into the sensitive data they manage and use across clouds, platforms, and SaaS applications. This partnership marries the deep knowledge and actionable remediation Cyera derives for data at rest and in use, with Cohesity’s different security and management solutions to keep businesses secure and compliant.” — Cyera co-founder and CEO, Yotam Segev.

Why are DSPM solutions the first step to protecting data?

A well known phrase has never been more true - you can’t protect what you can’t see. Thus, having visibility into your data should be the first order of business to protect your most important assets. Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solutions like Cyera help establish a unified view of your sensitive data, understand what exposes it to risks, and take action to harden your security posture. Without a DSPM solution in place, any data stores (cloud or on-premise), virtual machines, databases, or workloads like M365 can remain unidentified, forgotten, and unprotected.

What this partnership means for Cyera and Cohesity joint customers

Cyera and Cohesity integration is now generally available! Customers can access the new integration with Cohesity directly from Cyera. The benefits are too many to miss out on:

More visibility into data than ever: With Cyera and Cohesity working together, you now have information on all cloud and on-premise data assets, including in forgotten databases and shadow or unknown data repositories, and whether any sensitive patterns exist based on data classification. And it’s simple.

Accelerate discovery, detection and response: Instead of weeks or months, Cyera’s data security platform discovers all your data in minutes and automatically classifies it with high accuracy, providing a clear view of your data landscape, inventory, and security posture. This allows your security team to act quickly in backing up data before a sudden breach or any other incident takes place.

Attack surface and cost reduction: Once the data is identified, your organization can understand the level of risk around data and the attack paths that lead to the compromise of sensitive data with detailed remediation steps and workflows to fix it. Cyera points out which critical or sensitive data must be backed up, informing Cohesity - thus helping customers avoid unnecessary backups that expose data and drive up costs. This reduces that overall data attack surface, while also optimizing data storage costs.

Report on cyber recovery risk: By combining Cyera's capabilities with Cohesity, you can augment your assessment of data security posture with your ability to recover lost or leaked data in case of an incident. This results in a more comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity risks and, as a result, more robust protection.

Cyera takes a data-centric approach to security, assessing the exposure to your data at rest and in use and applying multiple layers of defense. Because Cyera applies deep data context holistically across your data landscape, we are the only solution that can empower security teams to know where their data is, what exposes it to risk, and take immediate action to remediate exposures and assure compliance without disrupting the business.

Cohesity provides a unified data backup and recovery solution that simplifies data management by consolidating multiple use cases into a single platform, thus reducing IT complexity and costs. It features a hyperscaler design, enabling efficient scale and control through a centralized user interface, which streamlines operations and enhances security.

To learn more about our collaboration, and to get started with identifying and classifying which critical datastores need to be properly backed up and restored, please visit