Cyera and Trace3 Enable the Secure Adoption of AI Assistants

Feb 21, 2024
May 15, 2024
Steve Klementowski
Cyera and Trace3 Enable the Secure Adoption of AI Assistants

We are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration between Cyera and Trace3 to help organizations securely adopt enterprise AI Assistants.

Organizations of every size and industry are starting to explore AI-enabled assistants to increase business productivity. Tools like Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Duet AI for Google Workspace are being unleashed on troves of enterprise data. These productivity tools promise to change the way that users search for, consume, and produce information.

Together, Cyera and Trace3 are empowering organizations to adopt AI-enabled Assistants while remaining secure, compliant, and steadfast in their approach.

Proactive Data Security to Enable AI Assistants

AI Assistants like Copilot and Duet AI typically process the data already accessible to users. They identify the user’s existing files, chats, notes, and other data eligible for generating AI responses or appearing in searches. AI Assistants might uncover otherwise dormant sensitive data, or misuse regulated data based simply on the fact that they inherit a user’s existing permissions.

“Our customers want to ensure they are enabling their business with these incredible new productivity tools. We are increasingly seeing focused initiatives on data security and AI safety to enable these projects. Cyera is empowering them to confidently embrace AI assistants, knowing their sensitive information remains safeguarded.” – Carl Trivieri, Strategic Account Director, Cyera

Organizations must carefully navigate the increased risk of exposing or misusing sensitive data while harnessing the power of AI Assistants.

Collaboration for Safer Adoption

Cyera continuously discovers, classifies, and contextualizes your organization’s data with unprecedented speed and accuracy. 

By combining Trace3’s expertise in cloud and workplace technologies with Cyera’s core platform to monitor, manage, and control data security across the enterprise, we offer our customers an innovative way to securely harness the power of AI-enabled assistants.

"The partnership between Cyera and Trace3 marks a significant milestone in the secure adoption of AI Assistants. Our collaboration is more than just a synergy of technologies; it's a commitment to advancing the frontier of AI-enabled productivity while upholding the highest standards of data security and compliance. By integrating Trace3's deep expertise in cloud solutions with Cyera's robust data security posture management, we are not just enabling organizations to leverage AI Assistants like Copilot and Duet AI; we are ensuring that this adoption is rooted in a framework of trust, safety, and resilience."Chris Nicholas, SVP of Cloud Solutions, Trace3

Securely Unlock AI-enabled Assistants

  • Dynamically maintain a contextualized sensitive data inventory to understand and manage the precise types of data accessible to the AI Assistant
  • Identify and remove stale, redundant, orphaned, and highly sensitive data from the scope of the AI Assistant
  • Easily uncover and fix potential policy and compliance violations stemming from data generated by AI Assistants
  • Apply least-privileged access to sensitive data, ensuring that the data is not inadvertently left available to users through AI Assistants
  • Identify missing or mismatched Microsoft Sensitivity Labels on AI Assistant output and automatically apply them at scale

Cyera takes a data-centric approach to security, assessing the exposure to your data at rest and in use and applying multiple layers of defense. Because Cyera applies deep data context holistically across your data landscape, we are the only solution that can empower security teams to know where their data is, what exposes it to risk, and take immediate action to remediate exposures and assure compliance without disrupting the business.

Trace3 stands out as the premier provider of business transformation services, bridging the gap between innovation and its practical application. By integrating cutting-edge solutions and services with top-tier advisory, architecture, and engineering, Trace3 facilitates a comprehensive transformation for both executives and organizations. The company has carved a niche for itself as a leader in critical areas such as Cloud, Data, Analytics, and Security, along with the synergies created at the intersection of these domains. What truly sets Trace3 apart is its boutique-style approach to customer service. The company's team of consultants, engineers, and executives dive deep into the unique culture of each client, ensuring a profound understanding of their specific requirements and visions. This deep engagement allows for the crafting of thoroughly considered strategies, delivered and measured value. Trace3's dedication to providing exceptional, tailored service underscores its commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding, the expectations of its clients, marking it as a pivotal player in the landscape of business and digital transformation.

To learn more about our collaboration, and to get started with securing adoption of AI Assistants, please visit