Cyera Raises $100M Series B Investment Round

Jun 27, 2023
April 9, 2024
Yotam Segev
Cyera Raises $100M Series B Investment Round

With $160 million invested, Cyera is on track to become the enterprise data security platform

Today Cyera announced a major milestone in our journey. Securing a $100 million series B investment is significant. It validates the path that Tamar and I embarked on when we founded the company. Cyera’s vision to revolutionize data security is becoming a reality. 

Cyera is building the core operational platform to manage data security. Our AI-powered platform addresses the fundamental architectural limitations that plague security teams. We have heard security teams across industries repeat the same challenges. They struggle to answer fundamental questions about their data. What data do I have? Where is it located? Who has access to it? What is exposing me to security, privacy, and compliance risk? How do I remediate those risks? 

The data security market is flooded with tools designed to secure data on-prem. The data loss prevention market (DLP) was built on the false assumption that people know where their data is located. Security teams have to manually define patterns for the tools they spend so much time and money on to function. And those tools fail to secure data because they are built on the false promise that static rules can address the fluid and dynamic nature of data. 

Cyera is building the data security platform for the cloud era. We moved away from pattern matching and implemented AI-based classification. We are replacing legacy on-prem deployments, agents, and connectors with a cloud-native architecture. And we are breaking down silos to provide instant insight and control of data everywhere. Cyera will become the enterprise data security hub. Operational teams will manage incidents, define policy, apply controls, and drive workflows with Cyera.

In the past year, Cyera has defined and led the data security posture management (DSPM) market. We have also grown beyond it. Our platform secures data across cloud infrastructure, platforms, DBaaS, and business-critical SaaS applications. This fresh investment will power the next expansion phase. We will soon extend to securing data in code repositories, communication channels, and on-prem. Every team that manages data will benefit from a unified data inventory, policy engine, and workflow automation.  

We have been fortunate to have incredibly supportive investors along this journey. Tamar and I appreciate their steadfast guidance and support. Philippe Botteri from Accel, Doug Leone from Sequoia, Gili Raanan and Lior Simon from Cyberstarts, and Rene Bonvanie, thank you!  We are also excited to have Logan Bartlett from Redpoint Ventures joining our team. We look forward to building a strong and lasting partnership. We also owe our customers and the incredible team across Israel, the US and Canada a massive thank you. Your tireless efforts are the key to Cyera’s growth. 

We are just getting started, and I can’t wait for what’s next.