Cyera’s Data Security Platform Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Dec 15, 2023
May 15, 2024
Sharon Shaked
Cyera’s Data Security Platform Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Cyera’s Data Security Platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, helping enterprises gain visibility of their data across cloud environments, harden their security posture against cyber threats, and achieve compliance with data privacy regulations.  

With the growing utilization of cloud services to store and collaborate on data, it is increasingly critical for enterprises to know their data in order to secure it correctly. To ensure that data in the cloud remains secure, Cyera has partnered with Google Cloud. With this partnership, enterprises can access Cyera’s Data Security Platform directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Google Cloud customers can expect the following benefits:

Visibility of Cloud Data

Data is scattered across Google Workspace, Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery and other cloud services. In addition, different departments house the data in separate locations, creating silos that can be hard to uncover. Cyera creates a single source of truth, discovering, classifying and inventorying sensitive data across the cloud landscape. 

Strengthened Cloud DLP Enforcement

Cloud DLP is designed to prevent improper sensitive data exposures, but DLP policies are only effective when there is accurate labeling of data. Cyera classifies your data across Google Cloud environments, ensuring proper labeling for PII, IP, financial, and other sensitive categories of data so that DLP policies protect the intended data. 

Hardened Data Security Posture

Sensitive data may be publicly accessible or credit card information may be improperly stored. Cyera identifies and remediates data security issues both proactively and in real-time, enabling security teams to minimize data risk and exposure. 

Optimized Encryption Policies

Enterprises utilize Google Sensitive Data Protection services to obfuscate and de-identify sensitive data, thereby reducing the risk of loss should that data fall into the wrong hands. Cyera’s AI-powered data security platform contextualizes data, telling you, for example, about the identifiability of data and whether it reveals the identity of an European citizen. This context enables security teams to apply the appropriate de-identification methods and meet GDPR data protection requirements. 

Continuous Protection

Data is constantly being moved from one location to another, duplicated, and modified. As a result, enterprises are left with outdated views of their data. Cyera gets ahead of these challenges by continuously scanning cloud datastores to uncover new and changing data, as well as exposures. Cyera monitors suspicious events and alerts teams with prioritized issues so that sensitive data can remain secure and out of reach from threat actors. 

The Cyera and Google Cloud partnership empowers joint customers to get the most out of their cloud services, while protecting data critical to running the business. 

To learn more about how Google Cloud customers can secure their data with Cyera, reach out to one of our experts today.