Why I Joined Cyera

Apr 22, 2024
April 22, 2024
Lamont Orange
Why I Joined Cyera

I'm a security guy. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and have seen it from all sides.  From building teams and operating programs to being a first responder and a CISO. I believe I have seen it all - except for one thing. In my nearly 30 years working in the industry, I’ve never seen the focus on data security.

It’s always been hard, but became nearly impossible in the cloud era. Security leaders simply didn’t have the tools to know where all their data was, especially if the data never went to the cloud. This lack of visibility was an immense source of anxiety for CISOs and a big risk for businesses. Meanwhile, our security teams were growing frustrated with a Frankenstein solution involving multiple clouds, different screens, alerts, languages, and challenges. DLP emerged and was hyped as the answer until reality intervened. After the cloud, the hype, investment, and new tools were focused on the endpoint and applications. Still, data was not the focus.

And then I met Cyera. When I met Yotam and Tamar, we discussed data security being an unsolved problem. Worse, we were still relying on traditional DLP approaches to solve the problem and looked for zero trust to be the next answer to the problem.

In just two years since launching from stealth, Cyera has cracked the code. They have delivered data visibility and elegantly used advanced AI/ML to classify all data everywhere. What’s more, they figured out how to understand data. This game-changer delivers insights like never before, and profound improvement in our ability to achieve proper governance. Finally the focus that is required to actually solve the data problem.

We are entering a new era of digital citizenship. Regulators and consumers are tired of all the breaches. The Board has been put on notice and CISOs have been put on trial. We are at an inflection point where we all need to become better digital citizens in an increasingly fragile, digitally-reliant society.

I believe in this mission and am proud to join Cyera’s team as CISO. I’m committed to helping organizations address their data security challenges to unleash their full potential and contribute to transforming businesses, communities, and cultures. It’s important for all of us.