Announcing Our Exit from Stealth and $60m Financing

Dec 5, 2022
May 15, 2024
Yotam Segev
Announcing Our Exit from Stealth and $60m Financing

Announcing our exit from stealth and $60M financing

Today’s a big day for everyone at Cyera. We’re excited to share that we’re launching the company with $60M in financing from Sequoia, Accel and Cyberstarts. 

When we founded Cyera, our goal was to solve many of the security challenges we faced when we founded and built Unit 8200’s cloud division together. But in the year since, our ambition has grown far wider. That’s thanks to the incredible, global team over 50 strong who’ve joined us since. We’re so grateful and excited to have you by our side for this journey.

So what have we been working on for the past year? And what’s our grand vision for growth this latest infusion of capital will bring to life?

Let's start with some context. 

Companies are moving data to the cloud faster than ever before. But today's multi-cloud landscape is data chaos. Anyone can replicate terabytes or spin up volumes on the fly. Meaning even as breaches rise and regulations tighten, it's all but impossible to know what data's in the cloud. Let alone where it's stored, or whether it's secured.

The same problem kept coming up in countless discovery interviews we had with leading CISOs. Understanding cloud infrastructure was important, but not enough. Because they were still missing the most crucial piece of the puzzle. The data.

This wasn’t a new or controversial idea. It’s just that discovering and securing the data itself has always been so tedious and difficult, it’s been written off as a pipe dream. But here we saw room for a breakthrough. By tapping into recent advances in data science, as well as the built-in capabilities of the public cloud itself, we could make data discovery not just possible – but instant, effortless and continuous.

So we started to build. In the space of just a few months we recruited a top-notch core team. And with tremendous grit, we pulled off an amazing feat. Building Cyera V1.0 from scratch, and having it up and running in the cloud environments of multiple Fortune 500 customers. The results and impact were immediate. Leading financial, pharmaceutical and retail customers uncovered sensitive data and exposures they never would have otherwise. Once they had Data Reality, true cloud security was finally possible. 

But we're not ones to rest on success. Our ambition goes beyond simply building a world-class, enterprise-scale security product. Our mission is to usher in a new era of cloud security, one where data is finally factored into the equation. Providing organizations a strong foundation upon which to build and accelerate their future cloud efforts. 

Because we truly believe that cloud security starts with data reality.