Pursuing Resilience – Collaboration is Where The Magic Happens

Apr 20, 2023
May 15, 2024
Ariel Weil
Pursuing Resilience – Collaboration is Where The Magic Happens

Resilience is the ability to adapt to challenging situations. Many of us spend a lifetime developing this capability. Becoming resilient requires five things: self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, positive relationships, and a sense of purpose. It is no different when applying resilience to business.

Business resilience is the ability to adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous operations and safeguarding people, assets, and brand equity. Building a resilient business is a shared responsibility across the executive team. A Gartner cybersecurity report revealed that 88% of executives consider cybersecurity a direct threat to business operations. Not a technical IT problem. Self-awareness is starting to lead to positive relationships in modern enterprises.

Data breaches are a common example of a threat to business resilience. Data represents a business’s crown jewels - what the business considers its most valuable asset. Despite this, data breaches are a daily occurrence. If you haven’t tried it, set up a Google alert for “data breach”. Over the past week, you would have seen misuse, 3rd party compromise, ransomware, misconfigurations, and zero-day attacks causing breaches.

Today, data has evolved to represent more than files and fields in a database or network share. The modern definition of data is anything critical to the business. That can include audio, video, intellectual property, or even NFTs. The cloud ushered in a new way of creating and accelerating value. SaaS and social media apps extended the corporate network to the internet. And the COVID-19 pandemic solidified remote collaboration as the new normal. Today we create and consume data faster than ever before...everywhere.

To ensure business resilience, mindfulness of your data must become the new normal. Being intentional about cultivating knowledge about the data you have, bringing attention to the business purpose and value it represents, and aligning attitudes to manage data appropriately. Put more simply, if you know your data, you can keep it secure. Business units must share more about where they manage data and the value it represents. Security teams must educate the business on security concepts and best practices. And platforms must emerge to break down technical silos and empower both groups. Cyera is a data security platform that empowers teams to gain deep knowledge of their data. And the a-ha moments we create are inspiring!

The need to reach a common understanding of what represents value is business-critical.  But it also represents a unique opportunity to partner with a common purpose. Agility and cybersecurity are not opposing forces. Let us show you. Because striking a balance is where the magic happens.