Say Hello to Our Newest Cyera Release - v20

May 21, 2024
May 23, 2024
Chris Hines
Say Hello to Our Newest Cyera Release - v20

One of the greatest joys of what we do here at Cyera is using innovation to give our customers the best data security, with the best experience in the industry. In doing so, we strive to make data security as simple as possible. This is why we are proud to announce v20 of Cyera.

v20 boasts over 20 new features that our customers will undoubtedly appreciate, and enjoy.  Below are some of the highlights. Which one is your favorite?

Pioneering AI-powered file-level classification

We are continuing to find innovative ways to leverage our LLM-based classification IP to make classification incredibly precise and simple - and has accuracy of over 95%. In speaking with customers we discovered that precise classification of unstructured files is an unsolved problem in the industry. That is, until now. As part of v20 we now support LLM-powered classification for files such as Recipe, Boarding Pass, Employee Agreement, Option Plan and others. In this release, we provide this classification coverage for a variety of documents. This capability provides unprecedented visibility into the business value of classified data.

Bringing the power of Cyera to on-premises environments as well

Even as data continues to migrate to the cloud, and as SaaS becomes more prevalent within the enterprise, the reality is that on-premises datacenter environments will always play a vital role. According to our research done with Forrester about 20% of all datastores still exist on-premises. This is why we continue to innovate and deliver a solution that works across any hybrid cloud environment. v20 is the official release of our on-premises database support. Customers can easily onboard their on-prem network (which contains their data stores), deploy the lightweight Cyera Connector on a dedicated VM, and allow Cyera to begin scanning. Better yet, all datastores can still be easily managed from our single UI. Simplifying management at scale, regardless of where data is running.

Helping bridge the gap between identity (human and non-human) and data

One macro trend we are seeing within customer meetings is the fact that identity and data conversations are starting to take place - together. Instead of siloed conversations around IDP solutions and data security platforms, savvy customers are starting to look for ways to reduce their potential blast radius by determining which users have access to which data. We refer to this concept as zero trust data access (ZTDA), and we aim to help.

Within our UI we now allow customers to drill down from the “Top Identities” widget to the top datastores that users have access to. Admins can literally click an identity within the dashboard, and see which datastores can be accessed by the identity. And as the title in this section suggests, this capability supports both human and non-human identities. We will continue to innovate in this space as well.

New identity insights for Azure Storage Blobs help add to the identity and data story as well. For example, customers can easily view the Azure identities that can access blob data, as well as their access permissions and number of sensitive records each identity can access.

Auto-scanning and other cool scan management features

Last fall we developed research around data security with Forrester. In that research we discovered that companies who rely on legacy technologies struggle with discovery and classification. It can take 4.5 hours per file in some of those cases. 

We continue to innovate in this space. In addition to our agentless, API-first, architecture, we now support auto-scanning as well to further simplify data attack surface discovery! Auto-Scan allows the customers to set the datastore’s automatic scanning policy, where “ON” means the data stores will be auto-scanned by Cyera. This can be easily defined during the account’s onboarding, or from the datastores tab within the UI as well.

We’ve also added in some slick features like “Scan Priority” - which allows customers to set the datastore’s scanning priority as well. For immediate needs admins can also use a new “Send to Scan” feature that sends the scan request to the top of the list.

There are plenty of other features as part of v20, like new filtering capabilities, additional coverage, and new APIs - and we’d be happy to show you each and every one. If you are interested, just request a custom demo!