Solving Data Security’s Mission Impossible: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Apr 24, 2024
April 24, 2024
Guy Gertner
Solving Data Security’s Mission Impossible: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Cyera launched in March 2022 to give security teams context and control over their cloud data so they can securely enable innovation. We provided instant visibility over all sensitive data in the cloud and context over the risk it represents. We achieved that by taking a fundamentally different data discovery and classification approach than most data security vendors on the market. Instead of matching patterns, Cyera’s advanced classification engine—powered by AI—comprehends context, intent, and nuance so security teams can genuinely know their data.

This shift from a rule-based approach to an intelligence-based approach was significant. Cyera’s data security platform automatically and continuously gains deep knowledge of the data’s context and learns where it is, who can access it, and if it’s at risk. We were the first to provide coverage across SaaS, DBaaS, and IaaS environments and the first to enable fully automated remediation, whether part of a workflow or integrated into existing tools with specific context and recommendations.

Today, we announce another critical capability that will allow customers to know and secure their data wherever it is. Cyera has expanded our coverage to include on-premises databases and file shares. While Cyera is a cloud-first and cloud-native company, the reality of enterprise customers is that their data doesn’t solely reside in cloud services. Cyera now detects and mitigates exposure anywhere by applying the proper security controls at the speed and scale of the cloud. This is big news for our customers, who now have a single data security platform to gain deep knowledge of data everywhere at once.

We are incredibly proud of how we deliver these new capabilities to customers: through a single lightweight connector that enables scanning of the on-premises environment leveraging our existing cloud-native, AI-powered data discovery and classification engine. Operationally, this is fast and easy to deploy, has no impact on the network and the datastores, and delivers immediate value to customers. Security teams operate in our familiar console without additional people or training.

 “Cyera’s data discovery and AI-powered classification provides deep context and understanding of the data we are responsible for, as well as detailed insight and remediations for security, privacy, and compliance. With this simple extension of coverage to include on-premises databases and file shares, we now have for the first time a single solution for end-to-end visibility and control over all of our data, no matter where it resides,” said Mike Melo, LifeLabs' Chief Information Security Officer.

Modern businesses are creating and consuming data at an incredible pace to develop new business opportunities and unlock the potential of customer engagements. Our mission is to enable businesses to be more agile and innovative while mitigating risks to reputation, customer loyalty, and compliance from data theft. By providing a single data security platform that provides unmatched visibility and context across any and all environments, we are one big step closer to our mission of securing data wherever it is.

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