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How long does it take to deploy Cyera?

Cyera is not deployed, it is simply connected to the cloud services provider at the organization or account/subscription level. Connecting only takes minutes. This is because we are completely agentless, and do not require any hardware or network footprint. Our entire discovery, classification, and multidimensional exposure assessment is completely automated and out-of-band, eliminating manual effort and maintenance for your teams.

How do I add Cyera to my environment? What’s the level of effort?

Adding Cyera is as simple as granting our platform a specific read-only IAM role in your cloud organization or account. This process takes minutes to perform, either using the Cyera Data Insights (SaaS) console or by applying an out of band script (e.g., Terraform). 

How long does it take Cyera to scan my environment? What’s the level of effort?

Cyera dynamically generates a full data store inventory in minutes - including structured and unstructured data in buckets, blob storage, unmanaged, semi-managed or DBaaS data stores, datalakes, and other data platforms - using cloud-native APIs. The platform automatically classifies your data, without regular expression tuning, or any user intervention. 

Platform Architecture and Operations

Does Cyera require hardware, software, or agents?

No, Cyera is fully agentless, and operates as a SaaS service. There is no hardware requirement, no software to install, no network footprint, and no agents or connections that you manage. Cyera’s platform consists of two services, the Data Analysis Service and Data Insights Service. The Data Analysis Service is Cyera’s primary data discovery and classification service. The Data Insights Service hosts the web application that customers interact with. Data insights are accessible via a web browser, or programmatically via secure API endpoints.

Where does Cyera scan my data?

Cyera provides a flexible architecture that includes a full-SaaS deployment, and an outpost model that ensures all of Cyera’s data scanning activities occur inside of your account. In both models, only metadata is sent to the Cyera Data Insights (SaaS) Service. A detailed platform architecture and data security process document is available upon request. 

Can my data cross regions with Cyera?

No, Cyera’s platform was designed to ensure that no data ever crosses regions or environments, regardless of the deployment model selected, so data egress costs are negligible, and data management remains in keeping with regional compliance mandates (such as GDPR) .  

What impact does Cyera have on performance?

All of Cyera’s discovery and classification effort is performed completely out-of-band. Since the platform does not use agents, does not have a network footprint, and does not connect to or directly query any of your data, there is no performance impact. Cyera uses native cloud APIs, and only accesses data stores by reading snapshots of the virtual disk.

We have thousands of datastores with petabytes of data, how do you deal with that?

First, Cyera’s Data Analysis service will always produce a complete inventory of the data stores and data objects (i.e. files) in an environment. To manage the time it takes to process and classify the large volumes of data within those data stores, Cyera uses multiple novel techniques. These are designed to reduce the volume of data we analyze, and to shorten the time our data classification process takes, without compromising on the fidelity of our results. Since the platform has visibility into the entire data plane - across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS - Cyera is able to cross-reference information between environments, recognizing previously analyzed and classified data with no impact to accuracy, but significantly accelerating time to value. In addition, the platform uses ML and NLP models to cluster similar data objects which allows Cyera to analyze huge amounts of data efficiently without scanning all data or every object.

Does Cyera show sensitive data in the UI?

Cyera supports role based access control (RBAC). Those users with the administrator role can choose if classified data samples are displayed as they exist in the data store, redacted to reduce the sensitivity of information displayed, or to omitted altogether (for example, for confidential data).

How does Cyera ensure data security and privacy?

Cyera maintains an internal Information Security Program (ISP) that addresses both our products and our general business practices. The ISP ensures a secure environment for our employees, customers, systems, and the data we manage. As a data security platform, Cyera takes the utmost care and consideration in addressing security holistically - across our people, our processes, and our technology. Cyera is ISO 27001 certified, an auditable standard that deals with the overall management of information security at the company. As part of our commitment to safeguard customer data and maintain excellence in security controls and operations, Cyera submits our platform for an annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit to ensure the appropriate safeguards are applied to customer data and evaluate how well those controls are operating. Additional information is available via the Trust Center.  

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