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Misplaced Data

Misplaced data occurs when any data moves from an approved environment to an unapproved environment. If unauthorized data is stored in an environment not designed for that type of data, this can lead to data leaks, security breaches, compliance violations, and other negative outcomes.

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ֿAn acronym for Data Detection and Response. Multi cloud DDR refers to the capability to detect and remediate data exposures, configuration changes, non-sanctioned data access, and data exfiltration events as they happen across cloud platforms. 

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Electronic Lab Notebooks (Electronic Laboratory Notebook or ELN) is the digital form of a paper lab notebook. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used by researchers, scientists, and technicians to document observations, progress, and results from their experiments performed in a laboratory.

While ELN enables information to be documented and shared electronically, it also exposes proprietary information to malicious insiders or external hackers. As a result, ELN should be subject to appropriate security controls to prevent misuse or loss.

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