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Opt Out

Either an explicit request for a user to no longer share information or receive updates from an organization, or a lack of action that implies that the choice has been made, such as when a person does not uncheck a box indicating willingness to share information with third parties.

Related Terms

Data Localization

The requirement that data is physically stored in the same country or group of countries that it originated from. This is a common requirement in modern privacy and data protection bills, such as the GDPR, China’s CSL, and Brazil’s Security Law. For example, under the GDPR, a company collecting the data of an EU citizen would have to store that data on a server in the EU.

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Data Minimization

A privacy concept that states data collectors should only collect and retain the bare minimum of personal data that is necessary for the data processor to perform their duties, and should delete that data when it is no longer necessary.

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