Cyber Inspiration, Episode 47 – Yotam Segev, Co-Founder & CEO at Cyera

From the Episode:

  • Data needs to be everywhere. Data is being used by every business unit, and data is driving tremendous business value
  • We wanted to build something that will outlast us. Something that would be a big company, a memorable company, a company that will really make an impact in the industry.
  • One wrong hire in the beginning can have a big impact on a company, a big negative impact

Yotam Segev is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cyera. Prior to Cyera, he – alongside Co-Founder, Tamar Bar-Ilan – built and ran the cloud security division for the Israeli Defense Force's (IDF) elite Unit 8200, and served as a Senior Class Commander in the IDF's prestigious Talpiot Leadership Academy. During this time, Yotam gained firsthand experience leading teams and deploying cybersecurity technologies in the field. He also gained valuable insight to recognize the challenges involved in ensuring business stakeholders have access to critical, sensitive data in a secure manner, and the need to develop a solution. These insights inspired Segev and Bar-Ilan to found Cyera in 2021, and continue to fuel the company’s rapid growth. As CEO, Yotam leads strategic direction and operations, and guides the company to develop technology and tools through customer-inspired innovation.

About Cyera

Cyera is the data security company that gives businesses deep context on their data, applying proper, continuous controls to assure cyber-resilience and compliance. Cyera takes a data-centric approach to security across your data landscape, empowering security teams to know where their data is, what exposes it to risk, and take immediate action to remediate exposures. Backed by leading investors, including Sequoia, Accel, Cyberstarts and Redpoint Ventures, Cyera is redefining how companies secure data in the cloud. To learn more, visit www.cyera.io.