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Cyera for Healthcare | Industry Datasheet

Healthcare providers utilize data to improve patient care, commercialize new drug offerings, and conduct genome sequencing. While data plays a critical role, it can also be challenging to secure. Data about medical diagnosis or drug manufacturing process can be duplicated and stored in multiple locations, adding to the data sprawl that must be managed. Cyera helps healthcare providers understand the sensitive data they possess and the risks associated with that data, then take action to quickly limit security and compliance exposures.


Cyera for Manufacturing | Industry Datasheet

The manufacturing industry participates in a highly complex supply chain where sensitive data needs to be both shared and safeguarded. Given the intense regulatory scrutiny, stringent controls must be placed on intellectual property and technical data. Cyera helps manufacturers discover source code, process documentation, and chip designs, then apply correct and continuous controls to assure cyber-resilience and compliance across their data landscape.


Cyera for Financial Services | Industry Datasheet

Financial services organizations are under constant threat from hackers who want to steal valuable data whether it’s bank account numbers, wire transfer receipts, or customer PI. As the industry undergoes a digital transformation to better serve its customers in this era of instant transactions, security teams must find a way to minimize the growing attack surface. Cyera helps financial services organizations understand their financial data and streamline their cyber-resilience and compliance assurance initiatives.