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Expand your cybersecurity education with an in-depth glossary of data security terminology and concepts.

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Unmanaged Data Stores

Unmanaged data stores are deployments that must be completely supported by development or infrastructure teams, without the assistance of the cloud service provider. This additonal logistical burden may be undertaken by teams aiming to comply with data sovereignty requirements, abide by private network or firewall requirements for security purposes, or resource requirements beyond the provider's (database as a service) DBaaS size or IOPS

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Unstructured Data

Data lacking a pre-defined model of organization or that does not follow one. Such data is often text-heavy, but can also include facts, figures and time and date information. The resulting irregularities and ambiguities make unstructured data much harder for programs to understand than data stored in databases with fields or documents with annotations. Many estimates claim unstructured data comprises the vast majority of global data, and that this category of data is growing rapidly.

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Any flaw or weakness that can be used to attack a system or organization.

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